Would you like to help us out?


It takes a lot of work to put on a 3-day festival to make it successful. PACT is looking for people who are willing to volunteer in 4-hour shifts. In return, you will be given free admission and a great parking space.

Below is a list of jobs that we need filled. We welcome anyone who would like to help us out. You do not have to be a PACT member.

To sign up to volunteer or to get more information please contact us at gro.lavitsefhsilopodelot@ofni‎.



  • Parking Lot attendees (Directing traffic in parking lot)
  • “Special” Parking Lot Attendants (parking for volunteers /event coordinators)
  • Golf Cart Drivers (transporting people from parking to main festival area)
  • Volunteer Coordinators (check in, distribute shirts, instructions, and answer questions)
  • Greeters/Crowd Control (answering guests’ questions, giving directions)
  • Festival Admission Booth (collect admissions, distribute wristbands)
  • Money Counters (count and account for info on accounting sheets {audit})
  • Children’s Area (Amusement) Booth (sell tickets and/or wristbands)
  • PACT Souvenir Booth (selling merchandise)
  • General Maintenance (mechanical & electrical handymen to trouble shoot and fix things)
  • Security (protect money, people from harm)
  • Children’s Amusements Coordinator (manning and policing children’s area)
  • Workshop Coordinator (direct people to seating, introduce workshops)
  • Vendor Coordinator/Liaison (welcome vendors, direct to booth space, answer questions)
  • Beer Booth bartenders (selling beer, water, pop, etc.)
  • Announcer (announce events that are going on or about to begin)
  • Mobile Raffle tickets sellers (walking throughout crowd)
  • Floating Volunteers (fill in for others on breaks and help where needed)
  • General set up (sponsor signage, roping off areas, regular signs, directional signs, etc.)
  • First Aid Volunteers (RN or LPN to provide basic medical assistance to attendees)


For more information about the festival or to inquire about volunteering please email us at gro.lavitsefhsilopodelot@ofni‎.